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4 Tips to Help Your Child Love Reading

The biggest issue we address with children is reading difficulties. As a parent myself, I know just how hard it can be to watch your little ones struggle through a book. It’s even worse watching them learn to hate reading all together. What the education system fails to understand is that reading issues often [...]

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How To Unlock Your Child’s Hidden Potential Lying Within

If you’re a teacher or a parent, I’m sure you’ve come across this situation: picture two children with the same resources, same background, same school, and even the same teachers. One picks up a book and reads naturally and fluidly. The other moves slowly through the text with poor comprehension and even worse concentration. [...]

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4 Ways to Give Your Child an Edge in the Classroom

It’s no new news that staying active and cutting down on junk food will help build a healthy body from the inside out. But if you’re looking for a plan to support a healthy mind… Well, the steps to take in order to get there are a bit less straightforward. And while the benefits [...]

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