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5 Ways To Help Your Child With School Struggles

Want more free information on how to help your child overcome learning issues? Check out this free presentation on "How to Help Your Child with Reading, Writing, and Social Skills." So many parents around the world are struggling with kids who have trouble in school. Maybe they struggle with reading, writing, concentration, listening, clumsiness, [...]

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4 Tips to Help Your Child Love Reading

The biggest issue we address with children is reading difficulties. As a parent myself, I know just how hard it can be to watch your little ones struggle through a book. It’s even worse watching them learn to hate reading all together. What the education system fails to understand is that reading issues often [...]

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How To Unlock Your Child’s Hidden Potential Lying Within

If you’re a teacher or a parent, I’m sure you’ve come across this situation: picture two children with the same resources, same background, same school, and even the same teachers. One picks up a book and reads naturally and fluidly. The other moves slowly through the text with poor comprehension and even worse concentration. [...]

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4 Ways to Give Your Child an Edge in the Classroom

It’s no new news that staying active and cutting down on junk food will help build a healthy body from the inside out. But if you’re looking for a plan to support a healthy mind… Well, the steps to take in order to get there are a bit less straightforward. And while the benefits [...]

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