Stop Giving Children Labels

So many children are labelled these days, it seems there is a big push to put a label on every condition our child has. Do labels get applied to our children far too early? It is important to remember that these conditions are often not permanent and that they can be dealt with. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m2J2tvwjgp4&feature=youtu.be [...]

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How To Help Your Clumsy Child

Is your child a bit clumsy? Do they knock things over? Bump into the door frame? Not well coordinated with sports? A few even struggle to learn to ride a bike. Remember that this is not a choice, they may have incomplete development in the part of the brain that helps with balance and coordination. [...]

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How You Can Help Your Struggling Child

Poor reading, poor writing, poor concentration and messy handwriting. Do these sound familiar? One of the big problems I have with the way we look at these children is that we focus on the symptoms instead of focusing on the root cause. Is it not far better to target the single root cause of these [...]

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5 Tips To Help Understand Panic Attacks

People who suffer from panic attacks are so often misunderstood, it is important to remember that they aren't choosing to feel this way, they simply become overwhelmed and it is long past the point at which they can control their feelings. There body has handed over control to the emergency part of their part. It [...]

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Understanding The Science Behind Anxiety

Isn't Anxiety dreadful? If you know of anyone or you yourself suffer from it you will know exactly how devastating can be on peoples lives. The assumption is often that people can pull themselves out of it if they really tried hard enough... But of course that's not the truth at all. If you've got [...]

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Here’s How To Help Your Child Read Better

Do you wish your child could read better?  Stop worrying right now because the majority of children who struggle to read are actually very bright. Through 18 years of researching how to make that critical connection in the brain (the bright brain that most mums suspect is there) I have helped thousand of children with [...]

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5 Ways To Help Your Child With School Struggles

Want more free information on how to help your child overcome learning issues? Check out this free presentation on "How to Help Your Child with Reading, Writing, and Social Skills." So many parents around the world are struggling with kids who have trouble in school. Maybe they struggle with reading, writing, concentration, listening, clumsiness, [...]

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4 Tips to Help Your Child Love Reading

The biggest issue we address with children is reading difficulties. As a parent myself, I know just how hard it can be to watch your little ones struggle through a book. It’s even worse watching them learn to hate reading all together. What the education system fails to understand is that reading issues often [...]

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