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Everyone is unique and has different needs, so the withZing programmes are broken down into specific products designed to cater for what you want out of life. For children, we want to give them the best start in life to help them reach their potential. Sportspeople want to achieve the best performances they can in competitions or matches. Women want to balance their busy family lives with their other important responsibilities. Men want to perform to the best of their abilities at work, in their family life and with their friends. Here is a breakdown of how we can help your specific needs.

Kids withZing (7-11)

A child’s development is a vital foundation for a successful and fulfilling life in whatever direction they want to go in. Having a well-developed cerebellum is the perfect kick-start to school life, enabling them to learn and retain the knowledge required for their future careers. Our fun and engaging programme will guide them through the withZing journey with a smile on their face, they won’t even realise they’re boosting their brain functionality.

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Kids withZing (12-18)

When a child is entering their teenage years they have different challenges ahead of them. School work increases, new emotions are presenting themselves and social networks are changing. This increase in pressure can be very difficult to deal with if your child’s brain isn’t working at peak efficiency. The withZing programme is designed with this in mind, to help them improve the performance of the brain which enables them to process new information and pressure and enable them to cope with a new and exciting chapter of their lives.

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Sport withZing

In sport, there has always been a strong emphasis on building the perfect physical body, but little attention has been paid to how the brain impacts sporting ability. Yes, there has been ‘brain training’ techniques that are used, but these don’t have long lasting effects. They also only work on very specific areas such as reaction speed. The Sport withZing programme works on developing all aspects of sporting ability in one go and the results are long lasting. Mix this with your physical workout to become the complete sportsperson.

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Women withZing

Life has many struggles and balancing a family with a career can bring on a lot of stress. Your brain has a limited amount of working memory, which helps you process what’s happening in your life so you can make the decisions that matter. The problem is that your working memory can fill very quickly, this is called overload. When you’re in overload your stress levels increase, you make worse decisions and your happiness decreases. Women withZing is designed to help grow your working memory, making it easier for you to make better decisions, feel calmer and in control of your life.

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Men withZing

Balancing your work, family and social lives is tricky. There’s pressure on you to be performing to your peak abilities all the time, whether it is spending quality time with your children and wife, hitting targets at work or actively conversing with friends. Yes, you need a healthy diet to keep your energy up, but what about your brain? The Men withZing programme helps boost your brain enabling you to process information and perform to your highest abilities regardless of what is thrown at you. With all the balls you have to juggle in life, having a brain working at its most efficient will make sure you drop less and enjoy life more.

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