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Max up potential without extra training or coaching

You work hard for that perfect physical body but if you don’t pay attention to the brain, you are missing out. The brain is the “boss” - it controls everything we do. This is the missing link if you are not consistent, accurate, calm or succeed. The cerebellum has a huge impact on your sporting performance. Athletes are raving about this...

Above results are not necessarily typical and due to the
individualised nature of the programme your experience
may differ. See

I found an increased ability to perform calmly under pressure.

Stuart Bingham

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Last season, having done Zing throughout the winter, I had my best year ever to the extent I became British National Champion.

Francis Whittington, 2014 Eventing National Champion

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withZING improved my ability to concentrate & focus which helped reduce stress when under match pressure!

Colin Doyle - Republic of Ireland International, Birmingham FC, Nottingham Forest, Blackpool FC. Bradford

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Sport withZING has given me greater clarity of thought, inner energy and drive.

Paul Nixon - England International Cricketer and the Most Successful Award Winning Jamaican Coach

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My two lads are on Sport withZing and the improvement in their attention and confidence is remarkable.

Steve Staunton - Liverpool, Aston Villa, Republic of Ireland Player & Manager

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I soon felt I had a much calmer head and became more focused and confident in myself.

Monty Panesar - English international cricketer

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Unfair advantage

Perfection is no longer linked to 10,000 hours of practice. Athletes all over the world want to discover the results from developing the brain : body connection and hopefully find the skills that’s been hiding. What if you could have more accuracy, confidence, consistency and perform at the big event like you do in practice?

Imagine if brain development gave you the edge, catapulted you into the zone and kept you there. The latest research shows how you can upgrade your brain. We’ve worked hard to create a programme that takes 10 minutes twice a day and incorporates all we can of the exciting research that’s out there.


The Brain's Concentration Button

You know that intense, focused moment of silence when a professional soccer player scores the final goal?

Or the joy we all feel when a champion hits the ball just right in tennis, golf or cricket? You can have that. You can get that. You can copy the skills. You are just looking in all the wrong places. You need to exercise the part of the body that no one is focusing on and your competitor don’t know about.

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Kill It At Coordination

Perfect coordination = consistency and accuracy - even under pressure. Lack coordination?

Coaching or practice alone probably won’t get you to where you want to be. Your brain is ready to do the job for you, though. It coordinates everything you do - and it’s developed (or not) by the cerebellum. Your brain is always trying to automate the things you do repeatedly - it wants to “learn”. It wants to hardwire and automatize and when that job is done, your are “in the zone” and everything happens effortlessly. So why aren’t you? To be at top level with physical coordination your cerebellum must itself be fully developed, so that it can develop control of all of your movements into finely tuned programmes that happen automatically, instantly and without any thought input. We can practice as much as we like, but if the cerebellum isn’t up to creating that all important wiring you will never perfect that skill. That’s why support for the cerebellum may help you start to perform more consistently in every scenario.

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The Winner Inside You

Bummed out by inconsistent performance when you know you can do better?

If you are better during practice than when it really matters (competition and big events) it’s time to involve the brain. Specific sporting skills haven’t been hardwired. You develop, wire and programme skills through the role of the cerebellum. When the job is done right skills are wired to happen automatically, so you don’t need to think about them. Some skills never get completely wired or become fully automatic – so you have to “think” while you use them, and when you “think” you aren’t consistent and automatic (in the “zone”). “Thinking” slows down the brain’s processing speed. You become inconsistent and stressed. Whether you are an elite athlete or an amateur keen to improve, withZING brain development exercises might take you to a new level.

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Improved Decision Making

You know superstar decision making, when you see top athletes pass the ball, bring their country to the World Championship in one perfect kick or celebrate the perfect “birdie”.

This skill is not only for superstars. You can achieve it and become one. Not by practicing your sport, but by stimulation your brain. The secret? Maturing the cerebellum, create more grey matter af free up space in the brain. The more space you have, the better the decision. When your thinking brain is full of stuff your processing speed is relatively slow - and your decisions tend to be as poor. When your brain switches to lightning speed you can make faster and better decisions.

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Less Stress

Worry makes it hard to win. Worry makes you emotionally unstable. In sport and in real life.

It doesn’t matter whether you worry about competition, tactics, winning, money or relationships. Worry fills up your thinking brain – which average you can store 7 things at any time – and that’s not a lot when you are engaged in sport. Anything else that comes along for you to think about puts you into overload. Overload in the thinking brain that creates stress, a really scary feeling – and it’s hard to escape from it. You lose emotional control, get frustrated or angry.

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We make programmes to help you succeed in life. Not trying to conquer the world (well, go on don’t let us stop you). Improved social skills, emotional control and better working memory will help you become the polished you.


The power of withZING lies in the part of the brain called the cerebellum.

Using a series of exercise based activities, our simple and engaging programme will take your skills to a higher level.
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Everything is done from your home on a phone or computer.

You’ll get instant access via email, and we will guide you through the process. No techie skills needed.

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Monthly cognitive

Every 30 days you will complete an insight. Completed on a laptop it will give you feedback on your progress, and areas to focus on.

Daily, personalised

Complete 2 sessions every day, each exercise taking 10 minutes. Mobile friendly they can be done anywhere, even on the go.

Weekly educational

Available in the client login area. Wynford will explain how the programme improves your individual needs.


Once you sign up you will be contacted by a coach within 14 days. They know the programme inside out and back to front, so will be able to answer any questions.


You will be given a link to our closed Facebook group where, led by the admin team, you can share your journey and pick up hints and tips.


The programme sets your targets, determined by your insight results. This tells you what you have to gain from the programme.

Individual goals

You can also set 3 of your own goals, allowing you to be more interactive with the programme.. After you have achieved these you can set more.

A fully customized
software program

Available to download across all platforms- mobile, IPad, and laptop, the programme is completely personalised to you.

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You've everything to gain - and nothing to lose! Just follow the programme fully* for 90 days and, if you haven't seen any progress, contact [email protected] and we will give you a full refund.

* This involves carrying out the monthly assessment, doing the exercises prescribed twice each day and using our coaching sessions.


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You've everything to gain
- and nothing to lose.

Just follow the programme fully* for 90 days and, if you haven't seen any progress, contact [email protected] and we will give you a full refund. *This involves carrying out the monthly online assessment, doing the exercises prescribed twice each day and using our coaching sessions.