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How often have you made a decision and done the opposite? Probably too often if this describes you: Decides to lose weight and bury good intentions in chocolate 7 days later? Wants to be a patient parent and end up shouting more often than you want to admit? Have mood swings like a yo-yo? Gets anxious, jealous or overwhelmed for no reason? Forgets the car keys? It’s time to find the stop switch and flick it. It is in the brain here's how to get to it.

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I feel stronger and more free and happy...

Katrine Venke

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I can consider what is it I want to do in life
and work life which gives a tremendous joy and relief...

Tine Wiboe

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How To Stop Self Sabotage

It is not your fault that you make bad decisions and act like an emotional wreck. It happens when your brain is in meltdown & working memory is full because life is too busy. Enter: “emergency mode”, yelling, sugar cravings, tears and feeling overwhelmed. It’s not pretty when long term decisions, confidence and emotional control go out the window. The online exercise programme withZING stimulates the part of your brain that can free up brain space. If that happens you can make good decisions, calm down and sail through a busy day as the cool captain you want to be. Take the 30 Day Challenge
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Where's My Keys? Where's My Glasses... What's My Pincode?

No, you are not getting old, cold or crazy when you forget your mom's birthday and run around the house in a frantic hunt for lost personal items... Again. Blame it on the brain.. Your working memory is so full of things that wouldn't be there if the cerebellum had finished its job. Thank god for the brains plasticity. Because of it, you can rewire and create more brain cells at any age. There is no better time to do it! Take the 30 Day Challenge
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Why Good Mums Yell

Afterwards, there is shame and guilt. You shout. Or yell. It is so not you and you just don't get why you do it (you promised yourself you wouldn't). Here are the facts: On average your thinking brain can typically process 7 things. Any more and it goes into overload. In a typical morning emails, messy rooms, missing PE bags and life worries you are way past 7 within minutes. Overload equals instant frustration and bye bye to emotional control. withZING brain stimulation works on the cerebellum, so that you can free up space in your working memory. Take the 30 Day Challenge
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Does Your Brain (Secretly) Make You Hate Yourself?

When you feel that you are not clever, pretty or good enough it may not be a therapist that you need. You do need brain stimulation. Why? Because when your brain is full and in overload, you lose confidence. Confident people are confident when all of their skills they are using are hardwired and fully automatic. It makes life effortless. The cerebellum automatises skills in the brain. When your self-esteem is low, it is better to address the root cause and start stimulating the cerebellum. Take the 30 Day Challenge
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Why The Best Women (Yes, You!) Can Be Emotional

Do you: Push people away? Cut people off? Find it difficult to open up? Cry for no reason? Change moods? Don't beat yourself up. Most creative, intuitive, caring women have been there. You have a fire hose of ideas pouring from your brain every minute. You feel, analyze and think deeper than most people. This fills up your working memory. You know the drill. This puts you straight into fight or flight mode and frustration. You can't help it. But withZING brain stimulating exercises can. The customised exercises free up space in your working memory so that you have more space to store and work on your ideas. Take the 30 Day Challenge
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How To Reset An Anxious Brain

Do you google "psychologist" when life makes you anxious? Actually, your brain is asking for your attention. Here is a new take on a common problem. The balance organ in the brain is linked to emotional stability and mental toughness. Not kidding. If you have a balance problem, you are more likely to be fearful and sad for no obvious reason. Because the balance issues fills up working memory and the stress makes you anxious. This is why withZING includes a neurological balance test and tailored balance exercises. Take the 30 Day Challenge


Have you ever heard the phrase: "We are only using a small percentage of the brain's potential"? What if you could access that hidden potential? Here's the cutting edge technique behind it. An intelligent online system to test your brain and tailor daily physical exercises to you. Based on your performance the system adjusts the exercises so that you work on finding your full potential. The cerebellum controls your ability to learn new skills effortlessly, decision making, emotional control, focus and memory. All the things you (and your children) might struggle with right now, withZING supports with the root cause. Watch their story
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It takes 2 x 10 minute exercises per day to begin supporting and potentially rewiring the cerebellum. We go back to try and finish the development you may have missed in childhood. You stretch your brain to create new pathways and hard-wire them. Just like in childhood, this is a process, not for life. Take the 30 Day Challenge


Your daily personalised exercises are delivered to you anywhere on a phone or computer. Your monthly assessment is done on a tablet or computer. You’ll get instant access via email, and we will guide you through the process. No techie skills needed. show me how


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Monthly cognitive

Every 30 days you will complete an insight. Completed on a laptop it will give you feedback on your progress, and areas to focus on.

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Daily, personalised

Complete 2 sessions every day, each exercise taking 10 minutes. Mobile friendly they can be done anywhere, even on the go.

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Weekly educational

Available in the client login area. Wynford will explain how the programme improves your individual needs.

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Once you sign up you will be contacted by a coach within 14 days. They know the programme inside out and will be able to answer any questions.

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You will be given a link to our closed Facebook group where, led by the admin team, you can share your journey and pick up hints and tips.

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The programme sets your targets, determined by your insight results. This sets your goals and tracks your achievements.

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