I am on a mission to free your child from struggles by resetting the brain, a brain changer. I’m a UK based entrepreneur, the founder of withZING brain development programmes, started Educational Development International plc and own a private school in England. I am also a board member of The Reach Institute . Research
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I am Wynford Dore...

I work with children, elite athletes and high performers who are fed up with brain related limitations. I have a passion and a soft spot to help parents with children who struggle in school like my own daughter, she struggled with reading and became suicidal because of it. I help people follow my technique to reset the brain and find it’s FULL potential. The aim is to develop far more natural key skills. I am on a mission to give overwhelmed warrior parents the tools I created for my struggling daughter to make her life easier. I am arming parents with personalised online tools to help their child reach that peaceful place where learning is more effortless. Parents want to reclaim their family life and the evenings, currently filled with tears, worry and homework hassle. You might be losing patience if you’re a loving parent who has put all your time and effort into supporting your child but still you are knee-deep in negative emails from school. You are quite understandably worrying about the future.

If you’re getting nowhere with the education system it’s time to change direction and take matters into your own hands. My experience is that by focusing on the root cause (in the brain) with short, fun physical exercises it will stimulate the development of the missing skills.

How it all started:

I will never forget the day I was driving home and received a phone call that changed my life. The day my daughter tried to end her life I to changed direction because I HAD to find a solution for the reading issues that ruined her school days and robbed her of happiness. By travelling the world desperately looking for the answers I eventually found it, hidden in solid brain science. Within months I had hired many medical research staff and started opening clinics to help families.

In the 17 years since my daughter learned to read at age 28, I’ ve had to overcome countless obstacles (which I talk about in this video: “The Truth About Wynford Dore” ) and I've spent many millions refining brain stimulation and development programmes.

My Mission

I believe that it’s totally unfair to label, criticise and stress children who struggle in school. Why obsess over the symptoms when you can easily identify the root cause (in the cerebellum)? They’re not lazy, nor are they less intelligent (in fact, the brightest brains often struggle to fit into the boxes of the school system).


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